Strap on the Feedbag – Chocolate Cream Cheese Cherry Pie Brownies

Hay Horseheads – I don’t know if it’s this nasty winter that has me in the baking mood or if I’m just enjoying a challenge, but I decided to up my game for this round of the feedbag. I have also been having a serious hankering for chocolate and I know my bandmates don’t mind when that happens, because it means they will also be eating chocolate. I also had a cold and when I have a cold, I want to eat everything and suddenly had a strange craving for cherry pie filling. So here are the results of lots of yummy things combined:


So, the verdict from the gang? – Well, Meg, and Cat, Chris and Rick of the extended BHM family thought they were awesome!

And as always, I leave you with all the info for our upcoming shows because I want to see your lovely face there!!

March 7th – Booth & Saddle (buy tickets here) April 19th – Northstar – Philadelphia Folk Fest Co-Op Showcase (buy tickets here) May 9th – Hard Rock Philly (Tickets TBA)


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Homeys at Heart

Good news! Black Horse Motel is eligible to be nominated for WSTW’s Homey award! For those of you who don’t know, WSTW is Delaware’s best radio station and you can tune in and listen to them on 93.7 FM. They are the best because they make a huge effort to support local acts from the Delaware Valley. Right now, WSTW is holding their annual Homey Awards. This is their awards show for the best of the local music scene from the past year!
You can see a list of categories and who’s eligible here.

We are eligible for a bunch of categories including album of the year, best song of the year – The Apology, and best artist! However, to take home a win in any of these categories we need your help! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open up your email and write to, the subject should be Homey Awards Nominee Picks
  2. Nominate us! You can nominate us for anything on the list, but I recommend Album of the Year Black Horse Motel – Red Summer Spirit, Song of the Year Black Horse Motel – The Apology, and Artist of the Year Black Horse Motel. (If you’re feeling a bit lazy you can just copy and paste this ^ in your email) You can vote for up to five nominees in any/all categories. See a full list of guidelines and rules here.
  3. Hit send, duh! And that’s it!

Well thanks for all the support everyone, we really do love our fans. If you’re jonesing to come hang out with us and love us back, we’ll be playing at Boot & Saddle in South Philly on the 7th of March. So get your tickets here, and come sing, stomp, and booze it up with us at Boot and Saddle!

- David

Homies figurines

Homies figurines - Remember THESE?!

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Show this Saturday! (and some Homeys)

HAY Horseheads! (you see what I did there?) Exciting news for those of you who want to go to one of our shows, but can’t get past the hills of Manayunk – we’re bringing one to you – This Saturday at Dawson Street Pub in Manayunk! (You can even see our guitarist Galen doing some solo stuff)

Saturday, Feb 1
Dawson Street Pub
Music starts at 10pm
21+, $5 cover at door

Galen Fitzpatrick
The Valley Roots
Black Horse Motel

In other news – Black Horse Motel is eligible for nomination in 93.7 WSTW’s Hometown Hereos Homey Awards. The Homey Awards recognize local Delaware Valley musicians. Please see their Facebook post or check out the Hometown Heroes site and follow the directions to nominate us in several categories, including Album of the Year!

Alright Horseheads – See you Saturday!!!
- Desiree

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Horse Tracks: Snow Day

We here at BHM hope that all you Northeastern snow bunnies have burrowed your way back to the surface and are now enjoying the brown, slushy fruits of the dreaded POLAR VORTEX, AAAAAAHHHHHHH!
And if you don’t live in a place that’s had one of the worst winters in recent memory, congratulations! You win and we hate you a little.

Feeling the full force of Mother Nature’s snow diarrhea had me wondering what everyone is listening to while trapped in their homes. So, I asked the group:

“Name 3 albums or songs that are winter or snow day go-tos and tell me why”

Johnny Flynn – Sweet William EP
Sounds like a snowy day. The track “Drum” has a slow, trudging beat that sounds like a march through brown Philly snow.
Bon Iver – Blood Bank EP
Just good music for any day in the winter time. Bon Iver sings about the snow in Wisconsin, no matter what month we are in.
Sufjan Stevens – Seven Swans
A slow, folky, banjo-y album that has a cold metallic ring to it, the type of music that lends itself to reading and watching the snow fall outside of your window.

Jeremy Messersmith – The Alcatraz Kid
First caught my attention with the heartbreaking “Beautiful Children”. However, the song “Snow Day” really captures the student’s and teacher’s longings for a day away from work.
Tom Waits – Real Gone
I spent a year living in Hudson, NY, working an hour away in Kingston. Driving those dark snow covered roads, I listened to this album both ways for about three months. There’s something about the off-kilter sound of the guitars provided by Marc Ribot, along with Tom’s creeptacular beat boxing that’s been permanently attached to snow and winter roads.
Neil Young – Freedom
I fell in love with Neil Young in my childhood, and for me, the Freedom album is pretty much the pinnacle of my love affair with overdriven guitar into tweed amps. I got that album the same Christmas my brother got a Kinex Big Ball Factory. We put that weird contraption together over the course of several days, listening to that album on repeat. Just listening to that album now makes my fingers throb with remembered pain. It was a good Christmas.

Tchaikovsky – Nutracker Suite
I don’t think I need to explain why.
Simon and Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence
The peaceful, quieting effect that falling snow brings always makes me think of this song.
Zoe Keating – One Cello x 16: Natoma
It seems like every time I see her live, it’s in the winter and this album always brings me back.

Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago
We all know Justin Vernon locked himself in a Wisconsin cabin for months and recorded this album. It just sounds like winter – cold, isolation, reflection, with a few dashes of depression. You can almost hear the snow piling up on the windows, cutting him off from the rest of the world.
Tegan and Sara – Sainthood
Released in the fall of ’09, I rocked this album HARD through what turned out to be quite a self-revelatory winter. It always takes me back there.
Horse Feathers – House with No Home
Sort of the opposite vibe of Bon Iver’s record. Horse Feathers’ second album, and the first for me, conjures the cozy side of winter. Musicians siting together, playing heartfelt songs in a tucked away cabin by a crackling fire. Probably drinking hot toddies and wearing giant sweaters.

Now we want to hear from you!

What’s YOUR favorite snow day music?

Tell us on Facebook or Tweet us @blackhorsemotel #horsetracks with your answers to Horse Tracks questions or send us your own questions!

Get it? Jon...Snow Day? Eh, whatever


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Every Film’s Better with Beer and BHM!

Comic Face
We spend lots of time on music. Oh yes, lots of time on music. Because it’s awesome. But did you know we’re also interested in other things? Sure, we are. There’s keychains, amusing puns, and, of course, books of humorous tidbits to read while on the toilet.

But have you heard of this new thing, beer? How about moving picture shows? We’re long time fans of beer, but we’ve just become involved in movies.

Check out this really great Temple University student documentary on the Philly craft beer scene. You’ll see interviews with local brewers, pub owners, beer drinkers, and you’ll hear us, Black Horse Motel. You’ll have to watch the whole thing to hear us, but it’s a program about beer, so you’ll like it.

While we’re at it, did you know we have some serious craft beer cred? We have our own beer! This past fall, BHM friend/photographer and homebrewer, Thomas Barrett of Barbarian Brewing, created a special brew just for us! Black Horse Motel Black Cherry Wheat.

It’s BHM-tested and Des-approved!

Follow Barbarian Brewing on Facebook and Instagram to see see what Tom’s brewing and drinking!


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