5 Local Acts You Need To See This Fall

With the fall season approaching many people are upset that they must wish their lighthearted friend Summer goodbye. I, on the other hand, say, “Good Riddance! Get the hell out Summer, you’re a lazy lover and you’ve never treated me right! Oh, and I want my dog back!”. Sorry I think I might projecting some things from my personal life. ANYWAY, the point is Fall is on the way, and with it brings amazing local music. So without further ado, here are my top five local acts to catch this season. (in no particular order) -

Chris Kasper

November 1st @ Johnny Brenda’s

I was introduced to Chris Kasper by the one and only Andrew Lipke who was showing me new music that he had just mixed for Chris. His sound has many classic folk tones that are immediately charming and keep you in a place of musical bliss until the song leaves you. In a live setting, Chris is effortlessly captivating, his voice has a quality that melts through you and leaves you with nothing but ease. Don’t miss him, this is definitely a show that will fix a terribly draining day at work. You can buy tickets here.

A Fistful Of Sugar

Oct. 3rd Upstairs @ World Cafe Live Philly

This band is very close to my heart because they are very good friends. In fact, Black Horse Motel supported A Fistful Of Sugar for their album release show! Aaaaaaand we also shared a campsite at the Philly Folk Fest. Their music not only unites many different genres, but also unites many different musicians throughout the city. They are like a dream team of Philadelphia folk musicians, with the likes of Rev. T.J. McGlinchey, Raph Cutrufello (a.k.a. Hezekiah Jones), and No Good Sister to name a few. Seeing them perform is electrifying! Songs Like “Brother Brother” will have you dancing into another decade, talented front-man Michael Andrew Gall puts you right back in the roaring 1920′s!  Make sure you see them upstairs at the World Cafe on Oct. 3, get tickets Here!

Hezekiah Jones

Nov. 22nd @ The Ardmore Music Hall

Hezekiah Jones’ most recent album “Have You Seen Our New Fort?” is one that frequents my turntable at home. It is a perfect amalgamation of Folk and Swing. The horn arrangements push and pull with Raph Cutrufello’s piano and guitar riffs to form something fresh and unique. I had the pleasure of bumping into Raph on the campgrounds of the Philly Folk Fest in a whiskey passing, Neil Young covering, heavily bearded, drunken circle of vagabond guitarists. He stepped forward and sang a song, I don’t remember what song he sang, I do however remember the way my private parts tingled when his sweet voice first hit my ears! And Hezekiah Jones only gets more orgasmic with the rest of the band, so be sure to see him play at The Ardmore Music Hall Nov. 22nd. Tickets are here.

Vita And The Woolf

Sept. 20th @ Ortlieb’s Album Release show!

Vita And The Woolf is fronted by one of the most purely talented musicians I know, Jen Pague. Jen and I went to high school together, and I remember on a late drunken night hearing her sing and play the piano for the first time. She was so talented that I considered going home and throwing away every instrument I owned because I knew (and still know) I’ll never be that good! Her music has only gotten better and matured over the years. The greatest part about Vita And The Woolf is Jen’s ability to stack vocal harmonies, the song “Asha” is a great example of this. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Vita And The Woolf live yet but I’ll be at Ortlieb’s on the 20th of Sept. for the album release show and you should be too! Get tickets Here!

New Sweden

Sept. 12 @ Kelly’s Logan House

New Sweden is another band that has shared many a stage with Black Horse Motel. All of us in BHM are very happy to see how successful New Sweden has become over the years, and it is well deserved! New Sweden is a treat live. They combine all the simple pleasures of folk music with the presence and energy of punk! I’ve never seen them play a show where the audience could resist dancing and shouting. To put it simply, they make bad ass, foot stomping music. See them in Wilmington DE at Kelly’s Logan House Sept. 12. Oh yeah and this one is FREE!!! More info here.

See ya later Summer! Bring on the Fall!

Now it’s your turn! What local acts are you excited about seeing? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter (@blackhorsemotel)!


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Friday 8/29 – Show Cancelled

Bad news friends, David has come down with some serious Strep throat, so we regretfully have had to bow out of tonight’s Beta Hi-Fi finals at the World Cafe Live at the Queen in Wilmington, DE.
Thank you to Beta Hi-fi and the World Cafe for having us and for making us semi-finalists!

Just as aside, this is our first show cancellation ever. Feels…weird. Sorry!

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Beta Hi-Fi Update: Round 1 – WON!


We were last night’s Beta Hi-fi Emerging Music Festival competition Round 1 winners at Wilmington’s World Cafe Live at the Queen! WOOOO!

We’ll be back in Wilmington this Friday, August 29 for the finals!

Friday, August 29
World Cafe Live at the Queen
500 N Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19801
FREE! All Ages!

Audience draw and response count towards our score!

Calling all horseheads to come out on Friday and help us take this home!

Round 2 – FIGHT!

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Beta Hi-fi Competition – Tomorrow night!

We snagged a last minute spot in this year’s Beta Hi-fi Emerging Music Festival competition at Wilmington’s World Cafe Live at the Queen! We need your support this Tuesday to help us advance to Friday’s finals!

Tuesday, August 26
World Cafe Live at the Queen
500 N Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19801
BHM on @ 10pm
FREE! All Ages!

Things to know about beta hi-fi:

  • 4 bands play each night from Monday 8/25 – Thursday 8/28
  • One winner is chosen each night
  • 4 winning artists return on Friday 8/29 for the final showdown
  • Winner gets tons of prizes – including press & studio time

Audience response and attendance count, so we are asking you to come on out!

We know it’s last minute, but it would mean a lot to us if we could see your faces and hear your voices!

If we win on Tuesday, we’ll be back on Friday for the finals. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Wilmington beta hi-fi website
Since its opening in 2011, World Cafe Live at the Queen in Delaware has continued the beta hi fi tradition started in Philadelphia eight years ago. The free week-long music festival held this year from August 25 – 29 features some of the region’s cream of the musical crop and provides a platform for the Wilmington area’s best emerging musicians and songwriters to be heard by local radio DJs like Mark Rogers, music bloggers like WXPN’s John Vettese, publications like Out and About Magazine, show promoters like Gable Music Ventures, label reps like Jade Tree’s Darren Walters and fans alike. Each year, 20 bands are selected from a batch of over 200 submissions and offered the opportunity to stand out among the rest by performing engaging original songs. A winning band is selected each night based on various judging criteria including showmanship, stage presence, professionalism, creativity, audience appeal, and ability to draw a crowd. These winners then progress to the finals held on August 29th to prove who’s got what it takes to win some tasty prize packages from Disc Makers, Rainbow Books and Music, the Dewey Beach Music Conference and way more. The Queen’s past beta hi fi winners include Lititz, PA’s The Districts, who have since gone on to grab loads of attention nationwide and get themselves signed to record label Fat Possum and Paradigm booking agency; they will be performing on WXPN’s Xponential Music Festival’s main stage this summer.

Hope to see you there!

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Summer Recap

Ok, clearly this summer was an amazing time for us. We played Musikfest, Philadelphia Folk Festival, and set a new personal record for shows per hour by playing three shows in under 28 hours (that’s 1/10th of a show per hour, for fraction lovers). We’ve also been putting together some new music for you and trying them out at shows along the way. More great music will be forthcoming. You’ll just have to wait for it.

Now I’d like to move on to a subject near and dear to all of us here at the Black Horse Motel stables…

♞   Boots!   ♞


If you’ve never experienced a boot, let me sum the concept up by saying its like your shoes fell in love with the legs of your pants. The entire band wears them and we’re oddly attuned to other people’s boot choices too.


And now for the in-depth BHM boot preference analysis you’ve always wanted:

Galen: I favor the browns in a square ended harness boot or a more rounded oxford toe. I also like a stitched welt. Glued on soles never seem to live up to my abuse.
Megan: Floats between oxford/wingtips in shades of brown and classic black. But she will always have a place in her heart for good ‘ol classic Dr. Marten’s.
Dave: Favors black as of late (it’s easier to find a Sharpie to fix marks) Recently switched to a pair of riding boots with a pointier toe. He still has a pair of no-socks busted up brown ones that you can sometimes catch on a warm weather Sunday
Des: Blacks and grays with laces. Heights vary. Des most likely owns the most boots in the band. If that’s not true, she’s done a good job of making them look new to me.
Ryann: Has lately been rocking a set of tan, slouchy, ankle cowboys. This will be our first band autumn with Ryann, so more boot research will be conducted. Findings to be published at a later time…or never.

Does this band love broguing? Why, yes! Stick some little holes in the tips of my boots and I’m in heaven.


Since my bulldog ate my Frye boots, I’m searching (see above…sigh)


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