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5 New Albums To Keep You From Winter Despair

If you are anything like me (for your sake hopefully you are not), this abrupt change in temperature has amplified the once small voice inside of you, that speaks from the deepest darkest chasms of your closeted insanity, which prods … Continue reading

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5 Local Acts You Need To See This Fall

With the fall season approaching many people are upset that they must wish their lighthearted friend Summer goodbye. I, on the other hand, say, “Good Riddance! Get the hell out Summer, you’re a lazy lover and you’ve never treated me … Continue reading

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So Many Shows!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to update our lovely fans on our upcoming shows this summer. We’ve been very busy this summer so you’ll have plenty of chances to come out to see us play! Also we are still running our … Continue reading

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Fathers Day Show (This Sunday!)

Hey Folks, want to treat your dads to something really special this Father’s Day? Well guess what! Scientific studies have proven time and time again that nothing calms, soothes, and gets your dad feeling all nostalgic like Black Horse Motel … Continue reading

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Show this Friday & Photo Contest

Do you like prizes? I sure as hell do. I mean, who doesn’t like prizes, right? Well, Black Horse Motel is currently holding a live photo competition..and we’re giving away prizes! Now, of course, to win you have to come … Continue reading

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