Triumph Brewing Co New Hope Friday!

Two of our FAVORITE things – music & beer!

Join us and Jeremiah Tall this Friday at Triumph Brewing Co in New Hope, PA

Plus, we will be celebrating birthdays for our wonderful cellist, Desiree, and her husband, Chris!

Happy birthday, Desiree!

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We will also be joined by Equality Pennsylvania!
Equality PA is building support for the Pennsylvania Fairness Act, a bill that (if passed) would finally protect LGBTQ people from discrimination in the work place! As it stands PA is one of 29 states in which you can still legally be fired based on your sexual orientation, and is one of 32 states in which you can still legally be fired based on gender identity. The Pennsylvania Fairness Act would put an end to this discrimination.

Friday June 19, 10pm
Triumph Brewing Co New Hope
400 Union Square Dr, New Hope, Pennsylvania 18938
$5 cover at door
Lineup: Black Horse Motel, Jeremiah Tall

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Summer Tour Dates!

It’s here! Sunshine, sweating, al fresco dining, sugary tropical drinks, viscous humidity, IPAs/pilsners/kolsches, sunburn, public partial nudity………SUMMER!

This year, we’ve got an exciting, packed schedule with lots of festivals, outdoor shows, and a few free ones too! Check out our dates below and mark your calendars!

This weekend, we are kicking it off with the Xtreme Folk Festival (aka Xfest) at the County Creek Winery in Telford, PA! The festival runs Friday June 12-Saturday June 13 with camping, food, music, vendors, fun and friends.

BHM’s set is 5pm on Saturday

Get your tickets here!

Lineup :
Full Frontal Folk
Spuyten Duyvil
Burning Bridget Cleary
Jersey Corn Pickers
Adam Brodsky
Th1e Wallace Brothers
Black Horse Motel
Dirty Daze Quartet
Jason Ager
Electric Man

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What should I put in that cup?

A picture of a tree

From Wikepedia's Great Article

Ok, so last time I told you about a friggin’ cup. I know you want to hear about gear, but I’m just not ready to nerd out on you that hard yet. First I need to preach to you the gospel of slippery elm.

Slippery Elm, or Ulmus rubra for those with a monocle, is a tree that grows in North America. It’s awesome for many reasons. It’s a big tree, and those are always nice to see, especially living in a city. It’s a shady tree, and this summer is set out to be a doozy. None of that, however, is why slippery elm makes an appearance in the tack shop today. No my friends, it is here in the tack shop because of a special quality it’s bark possesses. Namely, if you add a little hot water, the bark turns completely gross. Slimy, puffy, just disgusting really.

Wow, still reading… ok, I wasn’t really expecting that. (I was.) The big benefit of this gross mess is how well it soothes a sore throat. I’ve tried slippery elm in several formats and the best way to use it I’ve found is tea. I keep a set of lozenges in my carry first aid kit (ooh, another post there, for sure) but the tea is really the cure all. I use Traditional Medicinals: Throat Coat. Aside from their wonderful story about how down home folksy people in Kentucky, who are not at all meant to conjure up images of moonshiners, the tea claims to be sustainably harvested. This is a big deal, because harvesting this bark kills the tree, so… be sustainable about it.

Moonshiner... ahem... Slippery Elm Harvester

They go ahead and mix in some other flavors along with the slippery elm to make a tea that’s spicy, warm, and once you get passed the initial “holy crap, am I drinking someone’s saliva” moment, you’ll notice your vocal chords sing their gratitude back to you.

PRO TIP: This tea takes forever to steep. 15 minutes. Don’t skimp it. They tell you to squeeze the tea bag, too. Squeeze it till it squeals. That’s where the slippery elm is.

I drink a contigo full before the show. I bring another one up on stage with me, and then I drink another after the set is done. I drink two cups in the morning. I drink two cups at night. I drink two cups in the afternoon; it makes me feel alright. I drink two cups, in time of peace, and two in time of war. I drink two cups before I drink two cups, and then I drink two more.

I'm dissapointed in my Google Image search for slimy disgusting

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A Show Not to Be Missed

XFEST 2015 – June 12-13th 2015 at the Country Creek Winery for the 15th straight year!

XFest Announcements from their webpage:

1.  Tickets are on sale this week at a discounted price of $50 for an All Festival ticket with camping!  Best bargain you’ll find at any festival. Buy Tickets Here!

2.  Program book ads are on sale; XFS needs your ad by May 1st.  Please consider buying an ad,  it is the best way to keep this festival coming back and you can say whatever you want to say! Check out the Program book page more information and to order an ad. Support the XFS!!

3. XFS needs volunteers as usual; there are spots available; check out the Volunteer page for more info and to sign up.

4. XFS is still accepting vendors; please check out the Vendor page for more info.

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Show for the Holiday Weekend!

Old Swede’s Church, Music starts at 12:30. we’re on at 4!

Sexton Sideshow would like to invite you out to attend our Sexton Sideshow Memorial Dei Family Picnic Fundraiser event. Our hope and mission for Sexton Sideshow is to bring our community together in a safe place to enjoy fabulous local homegrown music, delicious food, craft beer and to interact and have fellowship with the community. All monies generated support the church general fund for the upkeep of these historic grounds of 300+ years.

Details Below

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